Henry 4K-Ultra

I have decided to list my extremely nice Henry 4K-Ultra.
I only run it in the low power position. It loafs at 1500-2100 pep so it never gets worked hard. I usually back drive down to keep it around 1500 pep.
I have owned this amp a long time. The tube is in super shape and has a lot of life left. No scratches or blemished. There is only one ham amp made bigger and that is the Henry 8K. These amps are heavy duty and continues tune. No band switch.
Download the manual and you will see just what it is. I have the original manual.
I am located east of Tampa Florida. Will not ship unless buyer makes arrangements. Weight is around 265 lbs. Possible meet at Orlando Hamcation or meet somewhere with help on fuel. Non smoking environment. Will consider partial trade for ham radio gear.
Price is $5000.00
If any questions email me

Thank you
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